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Industry best products for European markets

Axia Plastics markets a comprehensive portfolio of polymers from the world’s leading producers, supporting their participation in the European marketplace. Customers benefit from our European presence and high level of product stewardship across a diverse range of markets and applications.

Local distribution presence in key markets allows us to deliver products to our customers’ facilities. Axia markets products from the world’s leading producers and facilitates their participation in the global marketplace. Our marketing planning is based on our suppliers’ objectives and our customers’ needs. Axia’s capability through local presence ensures a tailored service strategy for suppliers and customers.

Axia Plastics is the distribution company for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the U.K.
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Axia Plastics introduces broad range of product portfolio based on ExxonMobil Chemical. Product breakdown split in three main groups; polyethylene, polypropylene and polymer modifiers.


ExxonMobil Chemical’s Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ S, Exceed™ and Enable™ Performance PE Polymers, also LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and special copolymers are utilized for many applications. Performance PE Polymers offer excellent stiffness-toughness balance as well as processability that meets converters’ expectations. Significant grade slate results packaging integrity, improved conversion abilities and takes very important role on circular economy.

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ExxonMobil PP grades are especially beneficial for excellent stiffness and impact balance for the rigid applications. Those grades also provide fast cycle times and increased productivity, processability as well as downgauging opportunities.

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Polymer Modifiers-VistaMaxx hose

Polymer Modifiers

Vistamaxx™ performance polymers enable process and product improvements on rigid and flexible applications through transparency, elasticity, tackiness, toughness, flexibility, compounding additive loading, haptics, production cycle enhancement.

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Industries & Applications

Axia Plastics serves to important industries and applications which are in our daily life from food packaging to agricultural silage and baby diapers.
Existing significant product portfolio with state of art polymer architecture offer broad range of grades that take place in specific formulations in each application.


The packaging industry serves for food, non-food and personal, home-care segments. HDSS (Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks), bags, collation shrink, stretch hood, compression packaging, lamination films, bag-in-box, barrier films, lids, caps and bottles are some of the examples for this industry.


Preserving plants and crops in the field are especially matter of efficiency of greenhouse, mulch, silage films. Axia Plastics’s offering with ExxonMobil Chemical’s portfolio is top notch for agricultural solutions.

Building and Construction

Geomembranes, protective films for buildings, tunnel liners, compounds for insulation of constructions etc are the couple of examples for this industry.

Hygiene and Healthcare

Baby diapers, femhy pads and adult incontinence products utilize significant percentage of polyolefins. Especially for breathable, non-breathable backsheets, soft touch PP based spunbond nonwovens, elastic films for waistbands are some examples.


Consumers products that are used by every individual in the world are mainly based on plastics and appliances like washing machine/dishwasher, household products like screwdriver, caps, lids, bins, crates are served by our significant product offerings.


Superior performance of ExxonMobil homopolymer and impact copolymer PP enable durable, consistent automotive parts.

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